About us

A brief write up on Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited & MULTIBEN (our brand of Air Source Heat Pump):

SKAlldelite Business Group was started in 1999 and has a reputation of professional management. In 2008 ABG entered the Renewable Energy Business with promotional work of Air Source Heat Pumps. Quite impressed with the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps, a new company was incorporated. This specialized company “Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited” is to focus on the business of Heat Pumps and Energy Saving Products.

MULTIBEN uses electricity and does not produce pollution which is a big problem in Diesel and Gas boilers.  Currently Diesel boilers or LPG heaters are used for hot water generation extensively.  Heat pumps would save the foreign exchange by reducing the usage of expensive Petroleum imports.

MULTIBEN also would reduce the pollution and Carbon Di Oxide release in the atmosphere.

MULTIBEN, Heat Pumps- How do they work?

MULTIBEN works on the same principle as Air Conditioners, but in reverse. Air Conditioners extract heat energy from inside the room and expel it to the outside air.

MULTIBEN designed in such a way that it extracts heat energy from ambient air and heats water.  It’s a simple, well understood process that has been in effective use for many years.

MULTIBEN does not ‘create’ heat, as would a gas flame or electric fire element does. Instead, by simply compressing a refrigerant gas which has extracted heat energy ALREADY PRESENT in the surroundings.

MULTIBEN is ultra-efficient. It takes 1kw energy to produce 4 kw energy.

MULTIBEN Back Ground Information:

All matter, whether it is solid, liquid or gaseous, contains ambient energy, even below what we know as ‘freezing’ temperature, or 0°C.

In fact, there is heat energy in matter all the way down to ‘Absolute Zero’, or −273.15°.

However, we don’t come anywhere near that low temperature anywhere on the planet, except in the lab.

This means there is useful energy available, all around, which can be extracted by heat pumps.

The ‘Coefficient of Performance’ or COP of Heat Pumps varies around. 3 – 4.5 in most of the models. To put it simply, we get output of 3-4.5 kW for an input of 1kW.

Due to the advantage of attractive COP, more Energy Specialists, Architects, Builders, MEP Consultants and Hoteliers are going in for Heat Pumps.

MULTIBEN Heat Pumps have been installed in many Star Hotels in South Indian cities. Many of them have recovered the cost of the installation within two years from the savings in operating cost.

MULTIBEN offers very attractive PAY-BACK and RETURN ON INVESTMENT which enables the owners to go in for it.

Most of our new customers are through reference from the existing customers. Our customers are satisfied with our products and they recommend us to their colleagues and friends in their industry.

MULTIBEN Hybrid is gaining popularity which uses both,

  •    Active Solar Energy through Solar Water Heaters
  •    Passive Solar Energy through Heat Pump Technology.

The energy saving is phenomenally attractive.